2020 Goal review

2020-12-21 2 min read

    At the beginning of the year I gave myself 4 goals for 2020 and now that the year is wrapping up it’s time to see how I did: not well. The year was a tough one for most people but all things considered I’m in a privileged position and can’t blame COVID too much. For sure there were periods of ennui but the root was that I just lost interest and motivation in some of these. So how did I do?

    • Finish up my Parking Spot Finder project. I made decent progress at the beginning of the year and got to explore a few computer vision open source projects and compare the cloud services but lost the need to finish this up after I moved to a place with a parking spot. Grade: D
    • Longer, more technical blogging. The goal here was to get back to deeper writing. I didn’t get as much into technical posts but I did get more management posts done. I wrote 14 coding and 12 management posts in 2020. If I aim for 104 posts over the year that’s exactly 25% which isn’t terrible. Grade: B
    • Quantified self dashboard. I was able to shortcut this by getting an Apple watch and exporting the health stats. I never got to the point where I automated the export so I still have to do it manually. Grade: B
    • Another coding side project. I got into the idea of a marketplace for people to submit spreadsheet-completion tasks and got a rough site up but never followed through on the full implementation. I simply lost interest and got distracted by another idea. Grade: D

    Here’s hoping to a better 2021 - and this time I’ll attempt to track progress monthly.