Back to Mac

2020-08-24 2 min read

    After almost 2 years of Ubuntu I’ve moved to a Mac. There were a variety of reasons for switching back but the ultimate reason was simply that I had stability issues on Ubuntu and it was rare for it to go a week without freezing up. The overall lack of polish in Ubuntu didn’t help but I could have dealt with it had it not be for the frequent freezes and crashes.

    Now that I’m back on Mac and OS X it’s been pretty amazing seeing how polished and seamless Apple’s ecosystem is. The first I noticed was the ability to unlock the computer with my watch - it’s not the most amazing thing in the world but a pretty nice and surprising touch. The second was the smooth integration of Apple Pay across both phone and desktop. It’s always a pain typing a credit card number and being able to just have it auto-completed is a nice touch.

    I’m sure I’ll discover more of these and each one on its own is a simple convenience but combined they offer a compelling user experience that only gets better. In Diablo terms it’s akin to building a set - one item has a few benefits but as you invest more and more in the set you unlock more and more benefits. And maybe this is all a shock to me since I came from Ubuntu but having these sorts of quality of life features that are part of my phone available via the desktop is pretty awesome. I’m not going to be the first one to have Apple’s nanobots in my body but it’s not an impossibility.