Write mobile, edit desktop

2019-12-24 2 min read

    Similar to last year I’m behind on my blogging and need to write a dozen more posts in the next week to hit my annual blogging goal of two a week. At the same time I don’t have the luxury of time. The approach I’ve settled on is to write up the rough posts one handed on my phone and then edit them on an actual computer when I can. I have about a half dozen rough drafts in this state and will be cleaning them up over the next few days in addition to the others I need to write.

    It’s pretty incredible that this is even possible. I’m writing this with my left hand (I’m a righty) and it’s surprisingly effective. Modern phones have some strong autocorrect and autocomplete and coupled with the “swipe” keyboard makes writing on the phone doable. I’d guess that in terms of pure typing I’m about 10% as effective on the phone as on a real keyboard but the majority of my writing is actually thinking of the proper phrase or words to use. I also don’t care about perfection on the phone and all I need to do is be close enough that I’ll be able to correct it later on when I’m in front of a keyboard.

    The irony here is that I’m proud of this “achievement” and yet there must be millions of kids around the world who are mobile first and can type circles around me blindfolded.