2019 donations

2019-12-17 2 min read

    It’s that time of the year where I make my annual donations. I’ve settled on a core set of foundations and charities that I donate to but occasionally have an outlier depending on what’s happening in the world and this year was no different.

    • EFF. Being in technology I’m more aware than most of the perils of technology and the EFF is at the forefront of defending digital privacy and rights in a constantly threatened world.
    • ACLU. Similar to the EFF but focused more broadly on all rights. Especially these days it’s critical to challenge unfair laws and fight for the bill of rights.
    • Wikipedia. I can’t live without Wikipedia and use it all the time so it’s only fair that I donate some to keep it going.
    • Planned Parenthood. It’s a shame that we live in a world where Planned Parenthood even exists but until the day it’s unnecessary I’ll keep on donating. It provides incredibly valuable healthcare to remote areas and there are countless stories of them saving lives by being the only resource in a location.
    • Amy McGrath. I try to stay away from politics but the current state makes me feel negligent not donating. Amy is running for the Kentucky senate seat against Mitch McConnell. So many of today’s problems can be attributed to McConnell and the sooner he’s out of office the sooner the United States can get back on track.