Environmental sustainability

2019-07-15 1 min read

    Lately I’ve been much more aware of how much waste we generate and wish there was a way to not just recycle but instead to reuse. There’s so much we consume that recycling only gets us so far and it’s much better to reuse as much as possible. How much better off would we all be if we were able to reuse existing containers for takeout and food delivery? It is an inconvenience but it’s much more sustainable and as a society we’d get used to it.

    The culture of consumerism makes things worse and it’s incredible how much waste goes into packaging. While doing some research I came across Package Free and think it’s a fantastic idea. The premise is to still ship but do it in much more environmentally friendly ways. There’s no need for clamshell or plastic intensive packaging.

    Some day the world will adopt a much greener lifestyle but until then we must all do what we can to act just a bit greener.