Farewell 2018, Hello 2019!

2018-12-31 1 min read

    Despite falling behind significantly in my writing this past year I miraculously managed to achieve my target of 2 blog posts a week. It was not a fun time and definitely felt like a chore having to write multiple posts a day - including 3 yesterday and today - but I’m glad to have been able to achieve my target and keep the streak going. The length and depth of my blog posts has definitely declined over the past 2 months but it was refreshing being forced to write about whatever came to mind. I didn’t have the luxury to plan ahead and had to comb my immediate thoughts and short term memory for topics or fall back to a running list of ideas for inspiration. I wish I gave some of those topics more thought and plan on revisiting them for 2019.

    So thank you all for sticking around and hope to achieve a much higher bar in 2019. I want to shift my focus on evergreen content instead of the much easier news reactions but that requires more effort and planning which I hope to invest in for 2019.

    Happy New Year and see you all in 2019.