Avoiding content overload

2018-12-09 2 min read

    While going through my list of blog post ideas I found one from a few years ago titled “Content Overload” which was meant to highlight how much content I was bombarded with across a variety of channels. I had a bunch of thoughts bemoaning how difficult it was to keep up but these days it’s just not an issue for me. I’m no longer trying to consume everything I can and instead get a lot of my news from conversations with friends and coworkers as well as Twitter. I try to check in on Hacker News every day but occasionally go on stretches where I forget about it for a few days and no one’s the wiser. I sadly gave up on my RSS feed and stopped checking into the other aggregators. Important news will inevitably make its way to me and the less important news I enjoy finding serendipitously. I wouldn’t be surprised if my content consumption actually dropped over the past few years. I’m reading many more books now and am okay with just not keeping up with everything. The one digital content channel that has gotten stronger is email: I’ll subscribe to interesting newsletters and prune these aggressively to make sure my email stays clean and high signal. I may be unique here but it seems I’ve managed to cope with the challenge of content overload.