It's donation season

2016-12-09 2 min read

    It’s that time of the year when many organizations are ramping up their donation efforts and I wanted to share the organizations I donate money to. I feel incredibly lucky to be where I am and being able to donate to worthy causes is a great way to pay it forward. Everyone is passionate about something and donating to that cause is incredibly worthwhile and valuable.

    Wikipedia. The need for education is critical to a functioning society and unfortunately this has been magnified recently by the explosion of fake news. Wikipedia is incredible at providing factual information and I find myself visiting it multiple times a day. It’s both education and entertainment since it’s just so easy to get lost in its labyrinth. Out of all the tools and services I pay for Wikipedia offers by far the highest return.

    American Civil Liberties Union. Especially over the next few years our rights will be incredibly important and the work the ACLU is doing is a key part in making sure they exist in the future. Democracy is being challenge around the world and keeping it safe is something we need to do for future generations. Rather than losing our liberties one small piece at a time the ACLU needs the ability to engage in the small skirmishes and battles that strengthen our freedoms.

    Electronic Frontier Foundation. Being in the tech industry I like to think I understand the dangers of technology better than most and the EFF has both an increasingly important and increasingly difficult job ahead. Technology has eliminated friction across the globe and democratized a wealth of information but the flipside is that it makes it incredibly easy for governments and agencies to monitor our digital worlds. This will be a bigger and bigger issue as more and more of our lives are captured digitally and the EFF is the bulwark keeping them secure.