My new blogging setup

2016-10-13 2 min read
    My lapdesk, keyboard, and phone setup

    The past couple of weeks I’ve had a big case of writer’s block. I haven’t been able to motivate myself to write as much as I used to and when I did get to write it felt more like a chore than a joy. I didn’t know how to break out of it but this past weekend I kicked off the OS X upgrade without realizing how much time it would take.

    Since I made a commitment to write two posts a week and I was computerless I had to do something. Lucky for me I have an bluetooth keyboard lying around a neat lap desk with a phone slot so I decided to give it a shot and see what I could muster.

    It turned out remarkably well. The small screen made it a lot easier to focus which was magnified by the inability to easy switch to another app - something I’m prone to doing when I’m on an actual computer.

    I still need the command line to commit the text and handle the image upload but it was incredibly liberating to write using a keyboard, a lap desk, and a phone. The change of environment itself may have gotten me over the writer’s block but I can also see myself using this setup whenever I travel or am outside. It’s also portable which makes it simple to write where I am.