Violating the norms of a social network

2016-09-01 1 min read

    Social networks carry extreme network effects and have massive winner-take-all dynamics. This makes it impossible for two social networks that have the same pitch to co-exist and leads to pretty strong differentiation. Facebook owns relationships. Twitter owns interests. Instagram owns lifestyle. Snapchat is starting to own experience. This is why I find it fascinating when the content from one social network or medium bleeds into another. Twitter doesn’t allow for tweets longer than 140 characters so people overcome that by sharing screengrabs of long form text. I’ve seen the same on Imgur - it’s primarily used for images but often you’ll see someone posting an image of a long story. We have our own unique relationships across each of these networks so it’s not surprising that we’ll sometimes want to communicate something that’s best expressed with a specific medium yet it’s still fascinating seeing it in action. I get the feeling that they’re publicly exploiting a loophole and adding a tiny bit of chaos to the universe.