Clubhouse as a solution to Deepfakes

2021-01-31 1 min read

    My mind started wandering while half-listening to a Clubhouse discussion and I had the thought that Clubhouse - and generally any real time communication app - can end up being a solution to Deepfakes. At some point Deepfakes will be good enough to render in real time but until then having synchronous communication is a way to confirm the authenticity of the participants. On top of that I’m sure you can find some blockchain way to authenticate the session to prove that it was done live and was unaltered.

    To be fair verified accounts on the existing social networks have the same effect and yet misinformation continues to spread. Maybe it’s simply the fact that people will spread whatever supports their position without actually searching for proof. If Clubhouse does end up going the podcast route and supports chat recording it’s possible they may end up having the same misinformation problem plaguing every other platform.