Time to remove AMP from my blog

2020-12-29 1 min read

    A few years ago I redid this entire blog to use AMP - not just for mobile but also for desktop. The motivation was to improve the performance while scratching my curiosity itch. It was a fun experiment but these days I’m more averse to Google’s dominance and think I can do even better by taking what I liked from AMP but going even simpler. It took quite a bit of work to get everything working the way I wanted to in AMP - for example converting AMP markup into a valid RSS feed and getting Disqus working - and while it’ll be a shame to undo all that work it feels like the right time. The current deployment is custom Jekyll on top of GitHub Pages but I’m hoping to simplify the entire workflow and take advantage of some of the modern tools - for example GitHub Actions.

    In the grand scheme of things it’s not the most impactful project but it’s one of those cases of “tending the garden” that will give me a chance to apply multiple years of both knowledge and tooling to an existing problem.