Browser zero

2020-12-22 1 min read

    Inbox Zero is a productivity philosophy that’s centered around getting to an empty email inbox. That means you treat your inbox as a todo list and once you’ve handled every email you’re good to go. I’m somewhat successful dealing with my inbox but my browser tabs are another story. Browser Zero is a corollary to Inbox Zero. What good is getting to an empty inbox if you still have dozens of browser tabs open awaiting your attention?

    Similar to an inbox you can just embrace “bankruptcy” and close all tabs. Imagine your browser and computer crashed - would you feel as if you missed something important? If the answer is no you might as well run through and close them. I’m tempted to start 2021 in a state of task bankruptcy and just get rid of everything I have to do - if I haven’t done them yet how important could they be? And if they really are important won’t they simply reappear?