2020-10-21 1 min read

    I’m a believer in climate change and know we need to change our habits and yet every time I drive I’m reminded of how amazing gasoline is. A gallon of a liquid is not much - we can all drink a gallon of water a day and yet a gallon of gasoline is enough to move a mutli-ton car more than 20 miles. It’s so normal that we don’t appreciate how amazing that actually is.

    We all bash gasoline now and it may be terrible for the environment now but it’s also been a driver for nearly all tech innovation of the 20th century. It made long distance travel and transport reliable and cost effective. Even now it’s still powering the economy and allowing us to get everything we need delivered to our homes. All this from a clear liquid (turns out it’s dyed later on based on its grade) that from afar is indistinguishable from water.