Yahoo fantasy football stats: 2020-2021 edition

2020-08-18 1 min read

    For the fifth year in a row I’ve updated my script to fetch the projected stats for the upcoming fantasy football season. These days I’m torn on football as a whole - both due to its politics and dangers - and don’t plan on watching too many games. Yet I enjoy the competition with my friends and the rote work of updating my scraping script to work every year.

    This time around there haven’t been too many changes: Yahoo changed the order of a few columns and introduced some minor stylistic changes but the code only needed a few changes to work - much simpler than last year which required running with an adblocking extension to bypass a script blocker.

    As usual the code and data are up on GitHub and pull requests are welcome. Every year I have ambitions to build an ML model to actually automate the draft process and every year I fail. Given everything going on I won’t even try this year - that’s going to be a goal for 2021.