Products change, humans stay the same

2020-07-30 1 min read

    While on a quick driving errand a few days ago I decided to listen to the radio for the first time in years. I was quickly hit with a bit of nostalgia - the radio show that was on had one of those “First caller to answer this correctly gets Y” sessions. I’ve heard this thousands of times growing up but this was the first time in a very long time and for whatever reason I immediately thought of both how modern music streaming services no longer have these contests and that a similar need is being met by HQ Trivia.

    Human needs and interests don’t change but the medium to deliver those do. We all love friendly competition with the hope of winning. Radio shows met this need at scale years ago and now it’s an app. An approach to product building is to think back to what life was like before the internet and how our needs and interests were met then. And are there modern solutions to those problems? I suspect there are quite a few of these nostalgia-driven products that are ripe for a digital version.