Dark Mode is for when you run out of real features

2020-06-11 1 min read

    I’ve seen a lot of apps launch dark mode and I just don’t get it. I’m sure part of it is that I mostly stick to the default settings but I can’t help but think that if someone is prioritizing dark mode then they must have run out of actually useful features to build. I’m being a bit unfair since dark mode can also be a fun side project that someone picks up and may only require changing a few colors around but if it’s anything more than that it’s an indicator that something is off with their prioritization. Unless a product has reached the mature stage there are incredibly valuable things that the team can be investing in that actually improve the workflow and experience for their customers - dark mode is rarely that.

    Yet there was a period where nearly every app decided to introduce dark mode within the span of a few weeks. Maybe there’s a vocal minority of users that pushed for this but I suspect the vast majority of users don’t care about dark mode at all and would rather have a faster and more thoughtfully designed application.