Black Lives Matter

2020-06-06 2 min read

    It’s difficult to think of or write about anything other than the protests going on right now. I hope that everything going on is a necessary step to get the United States to accept its sordid treatment of Black people and into a more fair and equal world. The past few weeks have made race come to the foreground as a topic that must be discussed. In the past I shied away from discussing anything race related; especially coming from my privileged background and despite my intent I was worried about the language I used and concerned about being misinterpreted. Given how pervasive and obvious Black mistreatment is it’s not something that anyone can be silent about. It’s critical for those of us that don’t know about what’s going on to educate ourselves and have the real and honest and often painful conversations. Those in turn will spur action which will lead to us finally tackling the nearly 500 year history of Black oppression.

    At work I send a weekly note to the engineering team and this week was focused on resources that can help those unfamiliar with the challenges of being Black in the United States to get educated and I wanted to share them here as well.

    The following are all books that came recommended. I read the last two and am going through the others on the list.