2020-03-28 2 min read

    It’s taken me a few weeks to write this post. Partly due to lack of motivation, partly lack of time, and partly due to my fluctuating feelings towards COVID-19.

    Some days I was completely disillusioned and sad about the modern state of the world. It seems to be spreading unconstrained despite the more than one hundred years of scientific progress we’ve had since 1918. Politicians seem to care about their own ego more than they do about the people they purport to represent. If we didn’t have the resources or knowledge to fight back I’d be more accepting of our fate but it’s the fact that we can fight and defeat this thing if we just channel our energies the right way that’s frustrating.

    Other days I feel optimistic that we’ll get it under control. Many private companies and localities are stepping up and there are countless stories of people helping people. Crises allow the best parts of humanity to stand out and seeing these bright spots make me optimistic. I’m hopeful that after this settles the world will be much better positioned to fight future epidemics. I’m hopeful that the world learns from this and chooses leaders that are willing to make personal sacrifices for the good of others. I’m hopeful that we’ll invest in our healthcare systems - both in extra capacity for times like these but also in keeping the costs affordable and encouraging good health. I’m hopeful that we start trusting science and scientists again. Lastly. I’m hopeful that we all get through this safely and that kids these days use this experience as motivation to build a better world.