Software comparison done right

2020-01-24 1 min read

    There are a variety of sites out there that exist solely to do comparisons of enterprise software - just type “product A vs product B” in Google and the first few pages will be littered with results. They all generally follow the same format: a side by side table comparing them feature by feature. Some of the values are factual - for example pricing - while others are based on user reviews.

    The fact that so many of these exist indicate that many find these sorts of comparisons useful but what I really want to know is the actual customer usage of the product. A product may hit all the right features but if it’s not actually been adopted by customers then the features are for naught.

    Luckily, Okta (a Single Sign-on vendor) recently published a thorough report covering the software their customers used. Okta has a laundry list of prestige customers that they’re able to provide a representative report of the most used software by today’s businesses. I’d trust this data over any of the side by side comparison sites.

    It’s incredibly strong content marketing by Okta: easy to put together, extremely useful, and highlights their market dominance. If you haven’t taken a look yet it’s well worth checking out.