Gaming virtual kitchens

2019-12-31 1 min read

    Given how popular food delivery has gotten it’s no surprise that some restaurants are opting out of a retail location and are starting to rely solely on their delivery efforts. This is leading to a variety of companies that are building kitchens that can be rented out by these types of restaurants. In fact, one of them, CloudKitchens, is Travis Kalanick new startup attempt.

    Given that these businesses depend on food delivery platforms and they don’t actually have a retail location I wonder if these restaurants are creating multiple listings on these platforms. This gives them another spot in the search results and allows them to crowd out their competitors. Of course, each would have a reduced number of orders and thus show up lower in the results but it still feels as if there’s potential for some gaming.

    Similar to how SEO started to get gamed soon after it proved to be valuable we’ll see the same occur on the newer platforms. Wherever there’s an opportunity there will be some that try to take advantage.