Zappos customer service

2019-12-30 1 min read

    The outcome of the Zappos class action settlement was 10% of an order that needs to be made by January 2020. That’s better than nothing so I decided to take them up on it and the entire experience left me with an even deeper appreciation of the Zappos customers service. They’re one of the few e-commerce companies that built a reputation on exceptional customer service and it’s impressive that they’re still able to maintain it 20 years in.

    My experience was pretty simple: I ordered a pair of shoes but they ran large. I reached out to have Zappos send a smaller pair and unfortunately those were too large as well. Now I’m waiting for the third pair and still haven’t needed to send anything back. This level of trust is rare and I appreciate their willingness to give people this “float.” I know many people will order a few sizes, find the one that fits, then send the extras back. That approach would have served me well in this case but that just feels too wasteful. Although the constant back and forth is not much better.