DeAMPifying my blog

2019-12-21 1 min read

    Since September of 2016 this blog has been exclusively (both mobile and desktop) in AMP. I initially decided to go with it due to a combination of curiosity, liking the concept, and a desire to revamp the blog. I had to resolve a variety of challenges ranging from supporting Disqus comments to migrating all the img tags to speeding up the build times. Most of these issues have been resolved for a while now and yet I’m tempted to ditch AMP and go back to a simple HTML and CSS site.

    The primary reason is a desire to purify my site and avoid more of the Google lockin. The web was meant to be open and free so why couple my blog with a technology championed by a huge tech monopoly? Also, my blog is pretty simple and AMP is overkill. If I really cared about the render performance I’m sure I could use vanilla HTML and CSS to make it faster than AMP. There will be a fair amount of work but a fun and simple project for early 2020.