Avoiding the mouse

2019-12-14 1 min read

    I spent a ton of time in Excel back in my consulting and finance days. One of the most common refrains was that to be more efficient one had to do everything with the keyboard: no mouse allowed. The idea here that keyboard shortcuts are going to be much faster than navigating menus with a mouse.

    You don’t hear this too often in software engineering but it applies just as much. Nearly every tool we use can be controlled via shortcuts yet too often we’re gravitating towards the mouse. Keyboard shortcuts aren’t intuitive and it takes time to get the muscle memory down but it’s all worth it once it’s mastered. It’s incredible seeing people work who have this level of mastery - it’s akin to watching piano virtuosos performing complex symphonies. Even if we don’t get to that level nearly anyone can benefit from at least having the basic shortcuts down. Superhuman is an incredibly successful product and a big part is the focus on making users more efficient through clever and powerful shortcuts.