2019-12-13 2 min read

    I signed up for the Disney+ account as soon as it launched. The primary reason was for The Mandalorian but I’m also enjoying The Imagineering Story and access to The Simpsons archive. My biggest surprise was how polished it all was. It’s a brand new product and it’s impressive what the team has done. It had a few hiccups at launch has but has been extremely smooth since then.

    I use it on the Fire TV Stick so can’t speak to the other platforms but it’s simpler, and yet more polished than Netflix. It doesn’t have any of the autoplay nonsense that Netflix and Amazon Prime shove down your throat. It also keeps the order of shows consistent across sessions which makes navigation a breeze. Yet my favorite feature so far is the keyboard less login and being able to do it solely from your phone. It’s such a simple thing but makes the onboarding experience orders of magnitude better versus Netflix where you’re forced to type on a TV keyboard through a remote. I’m honestly surprised Netflix still hasn’t implemented this given how often the Netflix app decides to log me out.

    The streaming wars are heating up and it’s a great time to be a consumer. It’s impossible to predict the future but Disney’s execution, both product and business, has been spot-on.

    Disclosure: I have shares in both Netflix and Disney.