GitHub's security automation

2019-10-26 1 min read

    I have a variety of old projects up on GitHub and recently noticed pull requests being opened from “dependabot” to fix security vulnerabilities in old requirements files. Turns out it’s a new feature offered by GitHub that scans repos and submits patches to upgrade insecure versions. This is a great idea - there’s very little chance that I’d go through my old and unmaintained repos to upgrade their dependencies but I’d definitely approve and merge a PR that upgrades a few of my libraries.

    GitHub is incredibly well positioned to launch a new product line focused on security. They recently acquired Semmle that further identifies vulnerabilities and a massive market for GitHub. It can be as simple as enabling the scan in a repo’s settings and having it automatically monitored and probed for vulnerabilities. Right now it seems to happen on a set interval but it can easily expand to occuring at a pull request level. Imagine having a security scan run every time a pull request is opened - that would be a huge win to companies, developers, and the security of the web.