A more efficient Google Calendar backup

2019-07-21 1 min read
    New Google Calendar event creation

    Google Calendar is starting to become one of my favorite Google products. They’re constantly shipping new features that keep on making it easier and more efficient to use. One of the most recent improvements is the ability to create a fully featured event directly from the calendar screen. One of my biggest use cases is to schedule a meeting with someone which requires knowing both their availability and the availability of a room. In the past, this required going into the full screen edit page which caused a bit of friction. Earlier this week while creating an event from the calendar page I was able to also enter a name and see their schedules appear on the calendar. Similarly, there’s a room field that also offers suggestions for free rooms with the desired capacity.

    The improvements aren’t radical but highlight that the team is still taking their work seriously and looking to improve an already mature and stable product. It really does feel as if the pace of improvements to Google Calendar have improved over the past year.