Power of habit

2019-07-08 2 min read

    Last year I feel behind my writing and had to scramble starting in November to hit my goal of two blog posts a week. I unfortunately didn’t start this year strong and am already behind. In the first half of the year I should have written 52 posts but I’m currently at 24, just under half off the goal. This is not great if I want to have a somewhat normal November and December where I’m not spending nearly every free moment of the day writing so I’ve decided to write a post every day in July in order to eat into the debt.

    Surprisingly, it hasn’t been that difficult. Knowing that I need to hit this goal gives me enough motivation and purpose to just start writing and more often than not that turns into a blog post. There are quite a few posts that are still in “draft” status and a text file containing ideas that may eventually turn into posts but just knowing I need to have something written by the end of the day is enough to get me going.

    Habits are incredibly powerful, especially if they come with a streak. Most people will take the pain rather than break a streak and the longer the streak the more one does to maintain it. I’m only a week in but already feel a strong urge to keep the momentum going. In fact, I’m looking at my calendar for the days ahead to see what I have in the evenings in order to make sure that I either have the time to write or prepare a post beforehand. And this only a week in!