Last year I came up with a set of scripts to analyze my blog and thought it would be interesting to rerun them this year to see what’s changed. There are a ton of visualizations up on GitHub but most are just a fun visual without actually telling a story. I’ve included the most important ones below with a bit of analysis and commentary. It also looks as if the charts are getting too messy for multiple years of data so I’ll need to revisit the visualizations for 2019.

  • You can clearly see how behind I am and how aggressive I've been over the past 2 months. Definitely do not want to repeat this in 2019.

  • Previous years indicate that I've primarily been writing on weekends but this year you see a nice even distribution across every day of the week. Unfortunately this is just a function of me trying to catch up and writing multiple posts a day.

  • Word clouds do a nice job of surfacing the key topics and themes and this year there was a lot of posts about the large tech companies. Next year I want to write less about the tech companies and more about technology itself.

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