New iteration of DevOps

2018-12-19 1 min read

    While catching up on some tech news today I discovered OpsMop and Vespene. Both of these are new DevOps tools from Michael DeHaan, the creator of Ansible. Before we had a DevOps team I was doing the bulk of our AWS management through the AWS console as well as a few command line scripts but as soon as we had a real DevOps that introduced the modern DevOps stack (Ansible, Terraform, Packer, Kubernetes) I was hooked. Doing the work through the AWS console is quick and easy but inevitably leads to inconsistencies that get worse and worse as your stack gets more and more complicated.

    I don’t have the depth that most experienced DevOps engineers have and have been happy with Ansible for my current projects. At the same time the fact that the creator of Ansible thought there was a need for something new makes me think he’s on to something. I have very little invested in Ansible and I’m going to do the work to move it over to OpsMop. In addition, none of my personal projects have any CI/CD and actually giving them a real deployment pipeline using Vespene seems like a fun little project