Overanalyzing Medium's tag suggestions

2018-12-15 1 min read
    Medium's tag suggestions for startup

    While I keep my primary blog on dangoldin.com I also cross post to Medium to get some more views but also because I’m curious to compare the performance. While adding tags to one of these posts I typed in startup and saw the following suggestions and their frequencies: Startup (334K), Startup Lessons (10.8K), Startup Life (3.6K), Startup Marketing (2.3K), and Startup Ideas (1.1K).

    The frequencies stood out. It makes sense that the generic term “startup” would have the highest volume but it’s interesting to see how the others compare. I was surprised that the second highest, Startup Lessons, was only 3% of the first one. I was also surprised that the next two were Startup Lessons and Startup Life - they’re both about the same topic but it seems lessons is someone writing about the past while life is someone writing about the present. I suspect it’s catharsis where founders want to write about their mistakes while far fewer want, or have the time, to write about their current startup experience. I know when I was working on my startup I definitely didn’t have the time for writing but at the end it felt great to do a brain dump of everything I learned along the way.