Falling behind my 2018 blogging goal

2018-11-18 2 min read

    Since 2013 I’ve been writing 2 blog posts a week. This stemmed from a conscious effort to improve my writing, clarify my thought process, and grow my brand. It’s been quite a ride and while difficult I’ve been able to do keep it going for 5 consecutive years. This year I’m significantly behind but am still committed to catching up and hitting 104 posts. As I write this I’m only at 42 posts for 2018; I have 42 days to write 62 posts which means I need to write nearly 1.5 posts a day to make up for my prior sloth. I’m going to do as much as I can to hit that goal and will be extremely disappointed if I’m unable to do it. That may mean that some of the posts will be on the shorter side and half baked but there will be some that do offer something valuable and insightful. My blogging history tells me that it’s impossible (for me at least) to actually tell which posts will be popular and the best I can do is keep writing and share more of my thoughts. The one element I will not compromise on is editing - poor writing is a pet peeve and I’ll continue to edit my posts after they’re written.

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