Just ship it

2018-10-25 1 min read

    I don’t know whether it’s the pace of modern life or something else but I no longer have a good intuition for recent events. Things that happened a few months ago feel as if they happened a year ago and things that happened a year ago feel as if they happened multiple years ago. An example of this was Twitter increasing a tweet’s character limit to 280. Try to guess when they increased the limit?

    I assumed it was over a year ago but turns out it was officially rolled out less than year ago on November 7, 2017. More importantly, and what gets at the subject of the post, there was so much back and forth and consternation and yet now no one really cares.

    Talk to anyone involved in startups and you’ll often get advice to just ship and to release early and often. There are always exceptions but these days there really is no reason not to unless you’re working on an extremely risky or litigated field. If you’re worried about consumer reactions or attention there’s no need since they will likely forget everything in a week anyway. We’re so inundated with information now that nothing sticks and we end up getting accustomed to a new normal every day.