Retrieving Kindle highlights

2018-02-25 1 min read

    At this point I’ve moved most the majority of my reading to a Kindle. If I want to read a book I’ll only get a physical version if the Kindle version is unavailable. It’s often cheaper, immediately available, takes up no space, and comes with a variety of annotation abilities. My biggest frustration has been how difficult it’s been to export my highlights. I will often highlight interesting passages and quotes and every few weeks will dump them into a giant text file that I will occasionally reference or search.

    I wish I could simply export all my highlights into a single file. Instead, the best way I’ve found so far is to use the Kindle Notes and Highlights section and manually copy and pasting them over while removing the unnecessary text captured in the selection. It’s not too terrible since I can at least fetch them in bulk but I wish there was a more automated way. Given how API centric AWS is I’m surprised this hasn’t translated into Amazon’s other products. Building a strong Kindle ecosystem is a great way to improve the overall product and make it that much more costly to switch and building a proper API is the first step.