Over the past year I’ve been collecting a bunch of statistics for each of my days in the hope that I’ll have time to dig into them and discover some interesting patterns. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to do anything other than some simple visualizations but even these provide some insight into my 2017. This isn’t a wholehearted adoption of the quantified self movement but it’s something I am interested in and hoping to expand in 2018. A goal has always been to move beyond visualization and into actual analysis and actionable insights that can help me improve my lifestyle and behavior. I did the same set of visualizations in 2016 so it’s useful to compare them year over and year and see how, and if, my habits have changed.

  • Just under 7.5 hours of sleep per night but a bit all over the place.

  • Daily consumption of coffee, tea, alcohol, and soda box plot. Compared to last year the numbers are pretty similar although I did manage to cut down slightly on both my alcohol and coffee consumption - something that I made a concerted effort to this year. Unfortunately the change wasn't as significant as I had wanted to and is a goal for 2018.

  • A much wider breakfast range than last year yet still a bit heavy on the cheese.

  • An improvement over 2016 where I was very much into Chipotle. I still enjoy my burrito bowls but have also introduced salad to the mix.

  • Very similar dinners to last year - still heavy on the salad, chicken, and rice.

  • The most disappointed of the wordclouds and something I need to drastically cut down on in 2018.

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