I have a set of scripts I wrote in 2016 that aimed to analyze my posts over the years and hopefully offered up some insights. I’ve updated them for 2017 but rather than posting every single visualization I thought it would be more valuable to highlight the ones that seemed the most relevant and interesting.

  • The year is not quite over but I'm defintiely behind on my posts that I hope to power through by the end of the year.

  • Similarly, the total word volume is lower and in addition to fewer posts it seems when I do write my posts are shorter.

  • I wanted to avoid only writing on the weekend and this year has been an improvement. I strive to write during the week to keep it more balanced but it hasn't been as easy to find the time and I end up having to catch up over the weekend.

  • A somewhat interesting chart many of my posts are about tech companies and this shows the trend of companies I write about over time. Surprisingly not much has changed over the past few years and it seems I've settled on a pattern.

  • I like the concept of word clouds since with a quick glance you're able to get a sense of the topic. In this case it's definitely leaning more on the tech side as well as high level software development concepts.

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