Jira analysis script

2017-12-07 1 min read

    A few days ago I wrote about using average number of sprints to complete a story as a way to measure a team’s sprint efficiency. Unfortunately at that time I had a pretty hacky Jira analysis script that I was too ashamed to share but it has been cleaned up enough for me to not feel too much guilt. It’s available on GitHub and comes with a few additional bells and whistles. One is specific to the way we work where we label relevant stories with a priority (priority:1, priority:2, etc) based on our planning process so we can hold ourselves accountable to spending the appropriate time on our initiatives. The other is a simple way that calculates the story points done by assignee. It’s a dangerous metric to use since story points are variable and not all work is measured via story points but it’s yet another metric that can help highlight or sharpen a potential issue.