While going through my old GitHub repos I discovered that the most starred repo was twitter-archive-analysis, a Python script that would generate a view visualizations of a Twitter archive. I haven’t touched the code in over 3 years and decided to see how it was holding up and whether any of it still worked. After a few false starts getting the necessary packages playing nicely together and updating the code to support Twitter’s new archive format, I was able to get the old code working. Compared to three years ago, the results are surprisingly not that different - I definitely tweet less frequently than I used to and my activity has shifted into being more about replies rather than general tweets.

  • No tweets while I'm asleep but tend to be the most active in the evenings.

  • Pretty even distribution but more active on the weekends than the weekdays.

  • Hit my peak in 2013 and have been declining since.

  • I tried to get at the idea of how much I tweet over time and by day - the weekends have remianed steady but my weekday tweeting has dropped off.

  • Definitely not taking advantage of the full 140 characters.

  • The next visualization provides a much better idea of my tweet type distribution.

  • A clear trend to being more about replies and engagement rather than just posting thoughts and ideas.

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