Blogging from my phone

2016-06-19 1 min read

    A few weeks ago I had to run some errands at the mall and ended up having some free time. I was also a few blog posts behind so decided to see how much I could actually do via phone. Surprisingly, I got a fair amount done. The posts still required a fair amount of editing when I was back on my computer but for getting the bulk of the content and structure down on my phone was nearly as good as via a real keyboard. What it lacked in speed it made up for by not having real multitasking which made it more difficult to get distracted. It wouldn’t work for posts that require search or significant research but for quick blurbs or jotting down thoughts it works remarkably well and I suspect it will only improve with time. Years ago I viewed phones and tablets as being purely designed for consumption rather than creation so this has been a pleasant surprise and I’m coming around to the idea that one can be productive without an actual computer. Next is to try attempting to write a blog post via voice dictation.