I started actively blogging in 2013 and have been consistently writing 2 posts a week. There’s a ton of information here and I spent some time learning R all over again in order to analyze and visualize my blogging history. I started with a simple Python script that went through each post and dumped it into a CSV file with a series of columns that would be easy to analyze via R. The columns ranged from numeric stats - such as how many words, tags, images, and links - to the actual text of the post itself. The goal was to put in a structured enough shape that the rest of the analysis could be handled in R. I started by collecting some summary statistics and looking at them over time but got carried away and ended up digging deeper into my evolution as a blogger.

Some high level stats to start it off:

  • 412 total posts with 54 of them before 2013
  • 725 total links
  • 537 total tags
  • 1,379 total keywords
  • 9,705 total words in the meta descriptions
  • 145,499 total words of content
  • As mentioned I started actively blogging in 2013 so there's no surprise here.

  • Given that I've written the same number of posts in 2013, 2014, and 2015 it looks as if my posts have gotten shorter and shorter.

  • Similar to the point above - I'm sharing fewer and fewer links.

  • Yet I'm still tagging the posts at roughly the same rate. This makes sense since I'll do anywhere from 1 to 3 tags per post.

  • By month there's a bit more noise due to vacations but am keeping pace with 2 a week.

  • Nothing obvious here.

  • Just for fun but this is the total number of words by week. I also did this by day but it was even noisier.

  • Clearly I write more during the weekend. Note that I had to prepend a number to the day of week to get the sort working.

  • Similarly, the number of words is also higher on weekends.

  • Another way to look at it is to see the distribution by year. In 2013 I was actually pretty on-point with my Tuesday/Friday writing schedule but since then have regressed to mostly writing on the weekends.

  • The same information as above but switching the X and Y axes. I find this one not as easy to interpret as the previous one.

  • This examines the various companies I mentioned over time. Google's dominant and it looks as if I haven't written about microsoft since 2014. You can also see the rise of Uber and Snapchat.

  • Looks as if 2015 was the year of languages with Python and JavaScript dominating the others.

  • Word cloud of the various tags I used on my posts. Clearly I like engineering and startups.

  • Tag wordcloud for 2013. All about startups and design here.

  • Tag wordcloud for 2014. This gets deeper into technology with strong representation by AWS, devops, coding, as well as a variety of programming languages.

  • Tag wordcloud for 2015. Welcome to engineering management. In 2015 I developed into a manager and start writing about the various lessons I've learned on the journey.

  • Tag wordcloud for 2016. Nothing significant yet and looks like a pretty healthy mix of the prior years. We'll see how this looks after the year is over.

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