2015 Stats: Part 1

2016-01-12 2 min read

    Over the past year I’ve been collecting personal stats nearly every day in order to see if I can spot any patterns and just understand myself better. These ranged from the time I spent sleeping to my mood (both physical and mental) to what I ate and drank. Over the weekend I hope to dive deeper into them and work out some relationships and patterns but for now I wanted to share just some basic summary stats. The script to analyze the data is up on GitHub but note that it’s designed for my file format.

    AvgMinMaxStd Dev
    Sleep (Hours)7.35311.50.96
    Alcohol (Drinks)1.790141.97
    Coffee (Cups)1.3802.50.66

    I also have data for my physical and mental moods three times each day. I haven’t gotten the chance to get anything meaningful out of it yet but for the most part I’m a pretty happy person! I’ve had a few colds and headaches but I categorized over 90% of the days as being in a good mood but just under 80% where I’m a good physical mood due to some congestion or allergies which end up improving by the end of the day.

    These summaries are interesting despite being simple and I can’t wait to see what I discover when I take a deeper look. The goal is also to use this exercise to tweak the what and how of what I’m going to collect in 2016. Definitely let me know if you have ideas.