Jsonify.me 2.0

2015-10-21 2 min read

    A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the idea of having a “go to” project that you use to pick up a new language and earlier this week I finished the bulk of the rewrite of jsonify.me. It went through a Node.js phase, a Scala phase, and is currently in the go phase. The idea is to give people an open ended and simple way to generate a personal JSON object, similar to how people may have an about.me page but in JSON. This object can then be mapped to any subdomain (mine is at json.dangoldin.com) and be referenced by any third party code. For example, you can construct your personal jsonify.me object based on the information in your various social media profiles and then make that information accessible to a variety of sites or pages that can generate it in a variety of ways. One site can turn it into a simple resume while another one can turn into a visual timeline of your history. At the moment it’s entirely open ended with the vast majority of the functionality provided solely through an API. Over time I’ll add some more bells and whistles but I’d love to see the community come up with their own unique JSON format that can then get adopted - similar to the way the hashtag system on Twitter evolved. I suspect it’s going to be significantly more complicated since there’s no 140 character limit but am still interested to see where this goes. Play around with it and let me know what you think!