A phoneless day

2015-08-16 2 min read

    As they say you don’t appreciate something until it’s gone and I got to experience first hand when I cracked the screen on my phone and dropped it off for a quick repair. Unfortunately, the repair wasn’t so quick due to a screw up and I’m still phoneless more than a day later.

    I find myself reaching for it despite knowing it’s gone and even feel it vibrating in my pocket without it being there. It’s both amazing and frightening how significant my phone has become in my life and I’m am actually glad that it’s missing. In many ways I feel like an addict that missed a fix and it’s a rude awakening. For the first time in years I had to ask a stranger for the time and had to find an open barber shop without a map or an online search. I also went to bed without my usual habit of checking up on Twitter or catching up on some blog posts and I woke up without immediately reaching for my phone.

    It’s shocking how hooked we’ve become - nearly every person at my train station is staring at their phone while waiting for the train, on the train itself, and when they leave. Of course phones make our lives better but we have to realize the price we’re paying and sacrifices we’re making. I plan on being more mindful when I do get my phone back and will try to keep some of my days phone free - who knows what sorts of adventures I’ll have.