Take the first step

2015-01-17 1 min read

    Numerous times I’ve procrastinated on doing something convincing myself that it would either take too long or just wasn’t worth doing but more often than not when I finally take the first step I’m able to quickly complete the task. I don’t know why our minds encourage procrastination but I suspect it’s not just me. I’ve been combating this tendency by recognizing that it’s happening and forcing myself to just do something, as simple as it is. A small task typically turns into a series of small tasks in which I’m able to make a significant amount of progress. In fact, there have been numerous times where I’ve even been able to achieve “flow” - despite being hesitant in the first place. It doesn’t seem like much but 10 minutes here and there do add up. Whether it’s coding up a simple feature, doing a quick data analysis, or just jotting down a few ideas, it’s infinitely more valuable than staring at a phone.