Trick your users into staying

2014-08-18 1 min read

    It’s just too easy to rant against LinkedIn but I can’t help it. They recently offered me a free month of business plus so I took them up on it. Little did I know (although I should have expected it) that canceling would be a maze that I still may not have escaped.

    LinkedIn Settings Page

    The cancel screen hides the downgrade to free option and automatically chooses a paid “recommended account” with a bright clickable “Downgrade Account” button. And then, when you actually do manage to downgrade, it’s not clear from the account settings page that you downgraded since it still displays as the premium account option. Maybe when my free month is up it will downgrade or maybe I’ll get charged - how am I supposed to know? I do see a note that says canceled and I suspect I’m in the clear but there’s no way to actually confirm other than contacting support.

    LinkedIn Settings Page

    It’s one thing to optimize your funnels to get more conversions and revenue is one thing but tricking your users to subscribe is entirely different. If your product relies on this sort of “optimization” you really should think of another business model.