Inspired by yesterday’s post I decided to compile a list the memories I’ve had growing up with computers - hopefully they spark others. I tried to keep these in chronological order but I made some mistakes.

  • The increase in the number of colors on a monitor and the various *GAs (CGA, EGA, VGA, XVGA)
  • Booting of one floppy disk and then running programs off another
  • Having both a 3.5 inch and a 5.25 inch floppy disk drives
  • Playing Prince of Persia for the first time
  • Using Norton Commander rather than the DOS command line
  • Shareware and the tons of paper catalogues selling games by mail
  • Upgrading to a 486 DX2
  • Installing Windows 3.1 from a ton of floppy disks
  • The wonderful blue screen of death
  • Getting a second phone line in order to use dial up
  • Getting AOL instant messenger and my first screenname
  • Upgrading to a 56k modem
  • Using NetZero as an ISP
  • Hosting my first website at Geocities (wish I knew where it was and could dig it up)
  • Lycos and AltaVista
  • Finally getting a cable modem
  • Learning Pascal and C++ in high school
  • Warcraft 2, Starcraft, Diablo, Total Annihilation, Shattered Galaxy and LAN parties
  • Using Google for the first time
  • Signing up for the Gmail beta
  • Getting my first smartphone, a Motorola Droid I

Since then, I’ve had a ton of experiences but they feel incremental. I guess being steeped in tech for so long gives that perception.

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