Travel more

2014-02-09 1 min read

    Now that I’ve started blogging I realize how important traveling is to creativity. After my trip to India I had a ton of different blog ideas. Some came from comparing the two cultures - for example cab rides and mobile phone business while others just came from realizations, such as the lack of truly global technology products. Many dismiss travel as a luxury but it’s a great way to bring a new perspective and let thoughts settle. In my case, it felt as if these connections formed subconsciously based on what I’ve been thinking about and doing actively for a year. It’s not surprising that our conscious experiences drive these subconscious connections but it’s interesting how stark this realization was. Prior to blogging, I never would have had an idea and immediately think of writing about it but it’s become a consistent thought. Travel encourages this serendipitous thought and companies should be encouraging it. Instead, many black ball employees who take a vacation and make employees feel guilty for taking some time off.