Welcoming the long, single webpage

2013-03-26 1 min read

    A recent trend in website design I’ve been seeing is the long single page. My first distinct memory of seeing it is from Karma but I’ve started noticing it everywhere. It runs the gamut from non-profit causes to video game PR firms. In fact, we’re even using this approach for the Makers Alley homepage.

    Surprisingly, it’s starting to make inroads on news sites as well. Whereas before news sites would have an article spread across 20 pages (looking at you Business Insider) in order to increase page views and show more ads, some news outlets are actually improving the user experience. Both NPR and the Washington Post have posted pieces that leverage this approach and it creates a significantly more engaging read. It’s a pleasure reading long form content this way, richer media adds to the experience and minimizing mouse clicks avoids the disruption of a page load.

    I hope it stays.