Just do the work

2013-03-09 1 min read

    Entrepreneurs are familiar with the elevator pitch. The idea is to give a pitch in 30 seconds (the duration of an elevator ride) that is compelling enough to an investor that it leads to a follow up meeting where you can go through your pitch deck. An entrepreneur coming up with an elevator pitch is similar to a politician trying to come up with sound bites that are easily digestible, look good on the news, and stick in people’s minds.

    Why are we so intent on diluting our message? So much substance is lost when we simplify and condense. We mock politicians when they speak in sound bites and yet we do the same thing when we pitch investors. We both want to draw attention to ourselves and stay top of mind but why take shortcuts? Investors will come to you if you build a great product, get customers, and generate revenue. Voters will support you if you empathize with them and support their community. We need to stop looking for the easy way out and just do the work, success will follow.