In November, I migrated my Tumblr and Wordpress blogs over to GitHub pages and have been making a few tweaks here and there. I started with the awesome Jekyll-Bootstrap library but wanted to share the changes I’ve made. It’s all hosted on GitHub so feel free to fork it.

  • Design changes
    • The version I started with didn’t have the Bootstrap responsiveness library so I added that in
    • Since I’m using it primarily as a blog, I updated the design to emphasize the blog aspect
    • Consolidated the pagination and social sharing widget to fit on one line
    • Incorporated some best practices from Kaikkonen's blog typography guide
  • Backend changes
    • Small improvements to SEO by giving ability to add keywords to each page
    • Added Open Graph meta tags to control what’s displayed when people share the page on Facebook
    • Made a few tweaks to the way the sitemap was being generated

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